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Centre for Family Research


Take part in a new study of co-parenting families!

A growing number of people are choosing to start their family together under a co-parenting arrangement. Co-parenting can take on lots of different forms and is sometimes referred to as 'platonic parenting' but crucially starts life outside of a romantic relationship. Despite the growing number of people choosing to co-parent, there have been very few studies of the experiences of those involved and no studies have looked at parenting, parent-child relationships and children’s wellbeing in these families.

The Centre for Family Research is excited to launch their new study of co-parenting families and is looking for co-parents to take part in this groundbreaking project. The study will increase understanding of parents and children in this new family form, provide co-parenting families with a chance to learn about other families in similar situations and will also help inform policy and practice.

Who can take part?

The research team are looking for co-parents with a child aged under 12 years. Taking part in the study involves being interviewed, filling in questionnaires and a parent-child play activity. Participation is confidential and does not require all co-parents within a family to take part. Children are also invited to take part if they wish to. As a thank you, families will receive a gift voucher. The study has received ethical approval from the University of Cambridge.

Interested in taking part or learning more?

If you’re interested in being involved or would like to hear more about the study please email Dr Sarah Foley: or complete the webform.