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Centre for Family Research


Take part in a study of single father families!

The New Families Team at the Centre for Family Research are seeking participants for a ground-breaking project on single father families!

Building upon our previous small-scale study, this research project is the first to explore children’s development and wellbeing in single father families formed through surrogacy, adoption, and other routes to parenthood. Through this research, we hope to increase and to broaden public understanding of single father families. The findings of this study will be used to inform health professionals, clinicians, legislators and policy makers around the world in relation to families created by single men. Its results will also be disseminated to single fathers around the world, and may be useful to single men who are currently thinking about pursuing this path to parenthood.

Who can take part?

We are looking for single fathers who began their parenting journey on their own, and continue to live without a partner in the home. Taking part in the study can be in person (UK fathers) or over Skype (fathers worldwide!), and involves taking part in an interview and completing questionnaires.

Fathers with children up to the age of 10 will also be asked to take part in a parent-child play activity. Children aged 4-10 are also invited to take part in some additional activities if they would like to, provided that fathers are happy for them to do so.

As a token of our appreciation, families will receive a gift voucher. Participation is confidential. The study has received ethical approval from the University of Cambridge.

Interested in taking part or learning more?

If you’re interested in being involved or would like to hear more about the study please email Dr Kitty Jones: or complete the webform.