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Centre for Family Research


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I joined the Centre for Family Research in January 2017 as a research assistant, working on a study of family functioning in one- and two-parent families that had used assisted reproductive technologies to conceive. I am now currently working towards my Wellcome Trust-funded PhD, supervised by Professor Susan Golombok, which will focus on parent-child relationships, child development and child adjustment in families utilising assisted reproductive technologies.

Prior to this, I worked in the education sector with a focus on Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). I subsequently completed an MSc in Child Development at UCL Institute of Education, graduating with a distinction and as class valedictorian. My thesis explored relationships between adolescents’ night-time use of electronic media, sleep quality and symptoms of anxiety.


  • Attachment
  • Parenting
  • Media use
  • Gender
  • Child and adolescent adjustment
  • Internalising and externalising disorders
Not available for consultancy