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Centre for Family Research


The Centre for Family Research are hosting 3 events at the Cambridge Festival:

We Are Family April 3rd, 6-7pm

Professor Susan Golombok will be in conversation with Alex Graham, creator of Who Do You Think You Are? about her new book, We Are Family: What Really Matters for Parents and Children. Register here.

Set Up for Life Monday 29th March, 6.30-7.45pm

As part of this event, Professor Claire Hughes will describe how a parent’s emotional state can play a role in outcomes for the baby; this link with postnatal wellbeing is equally strong if the father had a ‘difficult birth’ emotionally. Register here.

In Conversation with Dads March 27th, 3-4pm

Come along to a panel discussion hosted by Dr Kitty Jones on fathering in different family contexts. We are excited to host a great panel of speakers and the conversation will cover parenting, wellbeing, and support. Register here

Queer Conceptions: Families in the 21st Century March 30th, 7.30-9pm

Susie Bower-Brown will participate in a panel hosted by Cambridge Reproduction with specialists in gay surrogacy, trans parenting, reproductive biology, and documentary cinema to discuss the political and social realities of queer parenthoods. Register here.