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Nishtha Lamba

Office Phone: (+44) 01223 334536


After finishing my MPhil in Social & Developmental Psychology, I joined the Centre for Family Research in Fall 2013 as a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. I received my B.A. majoring in Psychology (minoring in Sociology) with departmental honours from Hunter College, City University of New York. Up until now I have done research on diverse topics, such as self-relevance, sequence learning in children, Facebook friendships, cultural values and ideal parenting. However, my interest gradually shifted towards study of new families. I am especially intrigued by evolving meanings of motherhood introduced by emerging assisted reproduction technologies.  

My thesis focuses on studying the experiences, motivations and psychological well-being of Indian surrogate mothers catering to international intending parents. In addition to my thesis, I will be working on a project focusing on the experiences of egg donors in India. 

Key Publications

Lange-Küttner, C., Averbeck, B. B., Hirsch, S. V., Wießner, I., & Lamba, N. (2012). Sequence learning under uncertainty in children: self-reflection vs. self-assertion. Frontiers in psychology, 3.