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Centre for Family Research


6 May 2021 - Mitigating the impact of the pandemic: A panel discussion

Dr Edwin Dalmaijer
Tracking children's mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic
One year prior to the COVIS-19 pandemic, we had collected data from hundreds of children aged 7-9 years. This allowed us to study how life in the “new normal” affected children. We found a mixed bag of results, with an increase in depressive symptoms, but also stable levels of anxiety.

Tania Clarke (PhD student - University of Cambridge)
How has the pandemic affected schools?

Tania's PhD project investigates how experiences of wellbeing in school relates to Primary pupils academic attainment. In collaboration with Cambridgeshire PHSE, Tania has been delivering mental wellbeing workshops for Year 5 and 6 pupils.

Dr Adam Baron
Supporting schools through the pandemic

Adam has worked as an educational psychologist across NW and NE England and is now working as a teaching fellow at the University of Edinburgh.