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Gabrielle McHarg

Gabrielle McHarg

PhD Student under the supervision of Prof. Claire Hughes

Office Phone: (+44) 01223 334869


I received a BS in Psychology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2016. At UNC, I worked in a lab focused on social and classroom interventions for high school students with ASD and a lab that compared MRI scans with cognitive abilities of babies at various developmental points. I received a grant to do independent summer research that focused on relationships between extracurricular activities, especially dramatic arts, and expressive reading and storytelling. 

Research Interests

My PhD will focus on relationships between screen time, content, and context with instrumental and empathetic prosocial behavior in children as they develop from 14 months to 3 years of age. 


Empathy ; antisocial behaviour ; psychology ; child development ; social cognition

Key Publications

McHarg, G., Fink, E., & Hughes, C. (2019). Crying babies, empathic toddlers, responsive mothers and fathers: Exploring parent-toddler interactions in an empathy paradigm. Journal of experimental child psychology179, 23-37.

Hughes, C., McHarg, G., & White, N. (2018). Sibling influences on prosocial behavior. Current opinion in psychology20, 96-101.