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Centre for Family Research


As a participant you will have free access to a series of 12 virtual CPD events to inform and stimulate discussion covering a range of topics to support teachers, such as home-school communication, friendships in the classroom, outdoor play and development of social and cognitive skills. These will also be available for parents.

A list of all the talks and dates can be found on this information sheet. If you would like to be on our mailing list to receive the invitation to the next events then please email the team on

Please click on the title to access a recording of the CPD event.

  • 1 July 2021 - Outdoor play and the importance of nature
    Samantha Friedman: Fostering children’s connection to nature
    Dr Jenny Gibson: Why outdoor risky play matters
  • 22 September 2021 - Ready for school, Ready for pupils? View from educational psychologists
    Dr James Birchwood
    Dr Anita Soni
  • 11 November 2021 - Tools for monitoring progress and wellbeing
    Dr Rory Devine: Rating School Readiness – the Brief Early Skills and Support Index (BESSI)
    Kate Allen: ‘How I Feel About My School’ – a new measure for children (HIFAMS)
  • Date to be Confirmed - Tuning into thoughts and feelings
    Prof Claire Hughes: Family influences on mindreading
    Dr Elian Fink: Mindreading in the playground
  • January 13 2022 - Ethnic diversity in the classroom
    Dr Napoleon Katsos: Multilingual children at school and at home
    Dr Humera Iqbal: Multicultural Friendships
  • March 3 2022 - Neurodiversity in the classroom
    Dr Umar Toseeb: Understanding Developmental Language Disorders
    Dr Hana D’Souza: School experiences of children with Down syndrome
  • May 5 2022 - Shared Picture Book reading
    Keya Elie: Parents, Pre-schoolers and Picture books
    Dr Serena Lecce: Stories as a tool for promoting social understanding
    Katherine De Wilder: Helping Parents Share Picture Books
  • July 7 2022 - Flexibility and Focus
    Prof Claire Hughes: Early family influences on self-regulation
    Dr Michelle Ellefson: Can interventions improve children’s self-regulation?
  • September 8 2022 -  Early numeracy and maths anxiety
    Prof Emily Farran: The importance of spatial thinking for mathematics in the primary school years
    Dr Dénes Szücs: Understanding Maths Anxiety
  • November 3 2022 - Building Bridges between Schools and Families
    Anne Parker: Strategies for engaging parents
    Caoimhe Dempsey: Parents’ experiences of children’s transition to school
  • January 5 2023 - Supporting teachers relationships with children
    Dr Sandra Mathers: Relational Pedagogy and Early Language Development
    Dr Christine O’Farelly: Using Video Feedback to Enhance Teacher-Child Relationships